Juli 2015. Newsletter

This summer at Muscle Freak is very hot this year. For you, dear customers, we have prepared a lot of new and hot products, promotions, promotions, which will surely make you happy.

Namely, the offer of new items includes the PRO series of Optimum Nutrition with the following items:

Also, Optimum Nutrition has released a limited series of the world's most popular protein, Gold Whey Chocolate 5lb with an additional 10% content (2.5kg in total)

In addition to the PRO series of ON, new in the offer are BSN's DNA Series and Synhta-6 Edge. This time BSN brings us two famous flavors that are limited to this series only, so we advise you to try it before it all sells out.

  1. Syntha-6 Edge Salt Caramel (Caramel with pieces of salt) in a package of 1.78 kg
  2. NO Xplode Dragon Fruit in a 1kg package.

Of course, in addition to new items and promotions, many of you will certainly be interested in our special offer for items that are nearing the expiration date and which we offer at incredible special prices up to -50%.

You can see the special offer here: http://musclefreak.myshopify.com/collections/proizvodi-na-akciji/

Visit our branches and see the wide range of items we have carefully selected. http://musclefreak.ba/pages/about-us

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