Dear customers, after many inquiries from you about the low prices of individual brands in relation to the brands we represent and which we are primarily focused on because of their quality, we are pleased to announce that we have found a brand that meets our requirements. p>

We at Muscle Freak have been researching the market for years to find the right products, so we have refused to cooperate with many companies that contacted us from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries in the region that offer cheap products of questionable quality. .

It is not important for us to get a low price for a product whose packaging only attracts attention by its appearance, we also care about quality composition, raw materials, as well as auxiliary components such as emulsifiers and flavor enhancers that can be very harmful.

After all the above, we can proudly announce that we have found a brand that meets all the set criteria. Introducing SELF OMNINUTRITION , a brand that comes from Sweden and offers famous Swedish quality but at very reasonable prices !!!

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