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"Brother, how much can you do on the bench?" A question we have all heard many times.

But does the bench press really represent a mirror of strength? Probably not.

If there was an exercise that could represent this then it would probably be squat or deadlift . However, deep down we all know that bench press is our favorite exercise.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Good training and good nutrition should do the trick in the beginning. But here are some more tricks that can give you a better performance.

# 1 Tighten the bar as much as possible

Using this grip you will easily be able to put a few more pounds on the bar. You will feel better in control and this helps the muscles that assist with bench press.

# 2 Tighten your glutes and abdomen

Doing this will further stabilize the body and improve thrust. This technique is also a strong guarantee that there will be no lower back injury if the gluteus remains on the bench.

# 3 Keep your feet on the floor

Let strength come through your feet and legs. This will strengthen the arch you make in the back, stabilize the body and focus energy towards the upper body. However, this does not mean that you need to lift your lower body off the bench - this is very important to remember.

# 4 Tighten the laths

Although this is a chest exercise, the upper back and buttocks also play a role in performing the push-ups. They work by stabilizing the resistance of the body, especially in the lower part of the movement.

# 5 Lower the bar at nipple level

Lower the bar to the chest near the nipple line.

# 6 Explode Up

Quick ejection builds strength and muscles. Contract your muscles vigorously to lift the load as quickly as possible. Even if the bar goes slow the point is to apply maximum thrust. This tip will help you gain weight because you use momentum bars and minimize muscle fatigue, so use the least amount of energy to lift the most weight.

# 7 Focus on negative repetitions

At the end of a normal workout, choose a weight that you can otherwise lift 1-3 times yourself. Find a training partner to separate the bar and help you. Now slowly lower the weight to your chest, then let your partner lift back to the top.

Sets: 2 sets of negative reps at the end of the workout.

Repetitions: 1 to 5, depending on fatigue levels.

Tempo: as slow as possible when descending.

# 8 Strengthen your back and arms

You need strong foundations and strong hands to be strong on the bench press.


Biceps - Brachialis act as stabilizers for bench press. We recommend a hammer bend.

Triceps- As the triceps carries a huge part of the load on the bench press, it is necessary to pay a good part of attention to it. By using complex exercises on triceps training, you will contribute to the additional development of strength on the bench.

Upper back: Do barbell rowing.

# 9 Tighten your mental muscle.

This is one of the more important things. If you enter any exercise thinking that you cannot complete a certain number of repetitions or lift some weight, be sure that you will not succeed. Therefore, always imagine in your head how the life or the life of someone dear to you depends on whether you will succeed or not and be sure that you will draw strength that you did not even know you had. If you have a losing attitude, you will be a loser.

# 10 Eat and eat again

This is the last but perhaps the most important piece of advice. Even when you think you can't add another meal.

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