Top 5 best exercises

The goal of every bodybuilder is that the results after many years of hard and intense training are very visible, that is, that they are bigger, stronger and stronger. Most exercisers prefer classic exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, but there are also exercises that we avoid and which are very effective. The next five exercises, after reading the text, will definitely take an important place in your training program.

  1. Squat with a weight over your head

Exercise is focused on the whole body with special emphasis on the legs.
Why is exercise important?
Squat with a weight over your head is an exercise which improves the stability and mobility of the whole body, especially targeting weak points in the back and legs. With this exercise, you develop the strength of the whole body and increase agility, especially on parts such as the shoulders, back, spine, hips and ankles. It is recommended that this exercise be performed at the beginning of the training.

  1. Pull the cable towards the face

Exercise focused on posterior deltoid and upper trap
Why is exercise important ?
Poor posture is a big problem for a large number of people and causes a hunched back due to excessive sitting, and it is these problems that are best solved with this exercise. Pulling the cord towards your face will help you hit hard-to-reach points of the posterior deltoid, and improve upper symmetry of the upper back.

  1. Hip Press

Exercise focused on the buttocks
Why is exercise important?
Performing squats and deadlifts strengthens the legs and buttocks the most. However, excessive performance of these exercises neglects the lower back. Hip pressure is an exercise that is great for strengthening the muscles of the buttocks and lower back.

  1. Dumbbell push on the floor

Chest, triceps and shoulders
Why is exercise important?
This exercise can eliminate the problem that occurs when there is a traditional bench press. the point at which a weak triceps causes stuttering. Push-ups on the floor is an exercise focused on strengthening the triceps at the weakest points.

  1. High step

Buttocks, quadriceps, hindquarters
Why is exercise important?
Auxiliary exercises are the ones that help us improve and enhance the performance of the main exercises. For example, squatting is the main exercise and high stride is helpful, which will help to further strengthen your legs and provide you with complete balance. It is recommended that the exercise be performed once a week.

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