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Are you tired of going to the gym every day or for several weeks, while constantly performing the same exercises with an increased number of repetitions? Has your training program slowed down or stopped completely without any progress and visible results? If your answer is yes, then it is an ideal time to raise your training program to a higher level. Implementing the following five tips guarantees you success, as well as visible results and strong muscles.

  1. Change your diet

One of the most common things that most people are constantly trying to deal with on the way to achieving their desired goal is the nutrition program. Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, or in any other way bring your body to perfection, you need to evaluate your diet program and only then start realizing it. The most recommended and best-achieved diet programs are: gluten-free diet, Paleo diet, bodybuilding diet, diet based on reducing caloric intake.

These diet programs improve digestion, absorption of nutrients, accelerate weight loss and the process of building muscle mass. The effectiveness of any of these diet programs depends on the person to person, that is, how seriously the diet program is taken and how seriously the implementation is approached. To make a good assessment and choose a diet program that suits you, consult a nutritionist, do an allergy test and you are ready to start implementing a diet program.

  1. Create a planner

Very often when you decide to make a new training program plan that you want to raise to a new, higher level, it can be a very demanding and difficult task. It can be very difficult to decide which are the best exercises you need to perform at each subsequent workout. Chest, biceps, back, legs, whole body exercises ... So, there are so many options and exercises, and you want to perform exactly the ones that achieve the best and most visible results.

Very often decisions are made hastily and without a pre-prepared plan. One of the best ways to be as responsible as possible is to start keeping records, that is, to make a planner of your training activities. Before each workout, make a training program plan. Make a list of exercises that you plan to do that day, keeping in mind that these are exercises that are in line with the set goal. If you have decided to do strength exercises that day, make a list of exercises that will achieve the desired results. The same goes for training aimed at losing weight, gaining muscle mass, etc.

  1. Find a good coach

The coach is first and foremost your biggest ally and the person who helps you achieve your goal. A coach will help you stay in shape, encourage you to be as good as possible and motivate you to do more than you think you can. It will help you make your planner and at the same time make sure you do the exercises in order and make sure you achieve your goals. Make sure, when you have already decided to hire a personal trainer, that it is first and foremost a person who will motivate you to be as responsible as possible, so that you can, after a certain period of time, continue with the realization on your own.

It is recommended, when approaching the selection of a trainer, that you choose a person who has relevant, signed certificates and licenses to have passed trainings, seminars and trainings on various topics. In addition to the fact that the trainer has all the necessary certificates and licenses, we recommend that you ask that person why he became a trainer and that he explains to you why you are doing a particular exercise. If the coach does not meet these conditions , continue the search.

  1. Sign up for various events

Setting the ultimate goal you want to achieve is a great way to motivate yourself to go to the gym every day and increase the intensity of exercise and training programs. This was one way to achieve your goal, and another way is to various events such as hurdles, races, various humanitarian sporting events, etc.

A few important things to consider when registering for an event are how long the event is being held, what the requirements are, and whether they are in line with your capabilities. It is very important that you provide enough time to prepare for the event.

  1. Try other sports

Trying another sport is definitely a great way to get to know and control your body better and increase the intensity of your training program. Adding new exercises to your training program will help you get rid of excess fat faster, but also to be additionally motivated to achieve the desired results. For example, Thai boxing is a great extra workout that has been proven to burn 1200 calories in one workout. If you just look at the body of a Thai boxer, you can see that this sport is a great addition to strength training, and contributes to it in many ways.


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