What is casein ?

Casein is a milk extract known for its excellent amino acids, slow degradability and interesting peptides. These are: casokinins, casomorphins, casoxins and so on.

What is the role of casein?

Thus, casein, like other sources of protein, primarily performs a primary role, which is to provide the body with amino acids. Research has shown that exercise can affect the increased demand for protein and therefore it is very important to increase protein intake in the body, in order to establish a healthy balance. Casein is a slowly degradable protein and is very slow to digest which makes it optimal for consumption during the day as a snack, in the form of a dairy snack or as a protein shake. It has a very small effect on protein synthesis because it slowly penetrates the bloodstream.

However, casein has a strong and powerful effect on suppressing protein breakdown and is therefore ideal for consumption when you have a long break between meals.

Where does casein come from?

Protein casein makes up 80% of the total protein found in milk. Its composition consisting of amino acids and peptides is exactly what makes casein so special and effective. In order to prevent the complete destruction of these interesting peptides, it is necessary to apply appropriate processing techniques.

How to use casein?

Casein is a great way to supplement your daily diet, which must be rich in amino acids and proteins. It is recommended to use from 20g to 40g per day of supplementary casein or milk protein. Protein supplements should never be used as the sole and exclusive source of protein.

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