3 odlične vježbe za jačanje mišića stomaka

If your training consists only of performing exercises without adding weights, and if you train with only one group of exercises, then you are making the two most common mistakes that many people make in their search for perfect abs. It takes a lot of work, effort and patience to finally succeed in forming a tummy tuck. So, the abs represent a lot more than bending the body, and in order to achieve the activation of all the muscle fibers, it is necessary for the abdominal muscles to work against some kind of resistance. Read below on how you can further strengthen your abs by performing three different exercises, which are much harder than the usual ones you are used to.


It is best to do one of the three exercises, which you will learn more about below, right after training, and do it three times a week. Performing exercises, Lifting the body on a sloping bench and Russian twist, start with 20 repetitions and do as many series as necessary to do this number of repetitions. Take a break of 30 seconds between each series. Try adding five reps each time you repeat the exercise. Exercise until you manage to perform 50 reps. When it comes to the Plank> exercise, which is great for firming not only the abdominal area but also the entire spine, hold that position for 60 seconds, and practice advancing up to 250 seconds.


Most people perform abdominal exercises by bending the body. However, these three exercises additionally activate other abdominal muscle functions, such as stabilization and body rotation. By adding weight, you make your muscles grow more and more prominent and visible.


  1. Russian twist (hair bench)

Lie on a sloping bench, set at a 30-degree angle, and fix your legs. Then take a weight or medicine ball and keep your arms outstretched in front of you. Tighten your abdomen and rotate first to one side, in a position to turn your shoulders 90 degrees. Then rotate to the other side in the same way, and this is one repetition.

  1. Lifting the hull on a sloping bench

Set up the bench the same way you did to perform the Russian Twist exercise. Then lie on your back, take the weight and keep it above your head. Place your chin on your chest and lift yourself into a sitting position. In this position, you will feel your abdominal muscles tighten.

  1. Plank with raised feet

Take a push-up position, then lower yourself and lean on your forearms. Place a bench or some additional aid and place your feet on the bench so that your body is in a position with a slight fall forward. Tighten your abdominal muscles and try to stay in that position as long as possible.

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