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Many successful bodybuilders claim that you have to try many different training programs until you determine which program suits you best. Precisely because their workouts have been tailored to the requirements and structures that suit them perfectly, many bodybuilders have become successful and winners of prestigious awards. Many of them have kept notes of their training throughout their long-term training program and career, so they could know what works and what doesn't, and what works best for them.

You must be wondering what kind of training is based on following your instinct? It’s a training you base based on how you feel. It is quite normal that one day you feel tired, so you train at a lighter pace and lower the criteria, ie. do some standard series number or even reduce the number of repetitions. On the other hand, there are days when you feel more energetic and have a desire to increase the number of repetitions and speed up the pace of performing the exercises. So, instinctive training is training that you need to do according to your mood and it is based on how you feel.

You must keep in mind the rule that you must constantly change training programs, exercises, series of repetitions, intensity, etc. Be aware that you need to fool the muscle to grow, which actually means it’s time to change the exercise. When you constantly perform one exercise in one way, the muscle adapts over time to perform that exercise and no longer reacts. For example, changing a dumbbell bend to a barbell bend will increase enthusiasm for a new exercise, do more reps, surprise your muscle and give it a chance to grow.

Always keep in mind that all people are created equal. This means that individual variations become less significant when the molecular events that occur behind muscle growth are taken into account. Of course, as in everything, there is an exception. In this case, the exception is men with naturally high levels of testosterone and growth hormone. They will respond better to training and get results faster, but the molecular events that lead to muscle growth and strength are the same in all people. The key is that you need to optimize your training to take advantage of molecular changes in a positive direction.

A great example of a more realistic view is the activation of muscle fibers, which are activated by alpha motoneurons. Muscle contraction and the force of contraction itself are based on how quickly the motoneurons move the fibers and how many are engaged in the contraction. However, the body uses only a certain number of fibers to do the job in one time. So, the process goes like this. Slow fibers or type 1 fibers are started first. As the resistance increases, the slow fibers begin to tire and begin to engage larger and stronger type 2 fibers or fast fibers. To engage fast fibers automatically, which are of course much more efficient than slow ones, train explosively and do heavy movements, or use heavier weights.

Another thing to keep in mind is that muscles differ in fiber composition. In a large number of people, the leaf muscle consists of 60% slow fibers (type 1 fibers), while the soleus, the muscle below the leaf muscle, consists of 85% type 1s fibers. This means that it is better to do a larger number of repetitions - 15 to 20 repetitions per series, an exercise that is focused on the soleus. When it comes to an exercise that focuses on the leaf muscle, you should use the weight with which you will do those 12 reps with the load. Of course, try increasing the number of repetitions.

Keep yourself motivated by the fact that your muscles will progress normally with exercise, but that there will be nothing particularly prominent until you start training vigorously and explosively, even beyond pain.Make sure your exercise series starts when most other bodybuilders' series end. This will allow you to engage type 2 (fast fiber) fibers that will bring you incredible growth.


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