Breathing is a very important part of training. Effective breathing while training and performing exercises is very important because it supplies your muscles with an adequate amount of oxygen needed to carry out the oxidation process to muscle cells. Also, proper breathing allows you to reduce the rate of muscle fatigue and will help optimize results in demanding exercises that involve heavy weights. It is very important that when exercising with heavy weights, in addition to performing the exercises correctly, you breathe properly.

Basic breathing exercises before doing strenuous training, such as weightlifting, can go a long way in improving bodybuilding results. Three minutes before the start of training, perform proper breathing exercises to increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Warm-up exercises mainly consist of regulating breathing as an introduction to the main exercises. Stand in a comfortable position, keep your arms relaxed, keep your chest forward but not forcibly, and keep your spine straight and relaxed. You are ready to breathe.

The first thing you need to do is inhale as much oxygen as possible and hold your breath for a while, and you will feel oxygen pass through your body and nourish every cell, every muscle, giving them new healthy energy, and then exhale through your nose. Repeat the exercise 4 d 5 times. Then raise your arms in the air, just above your head and inhale as much air as possible and hold it for a while. Repeat this exercise 4 to 5 times as well. Remember that the goal of these exercises is to provide the body with as much air as possible that will come in contact with the lungs and provide an adequate amount of oxygen in the blood. Make sure these procedures are controlled and the breathing style must always incorporate slow, continuous and deep breaths until the lungs are fully dilated. All breathing exercises should be slow and controlled, which means that the amount of air you inhale must be exhaled in one cycle. You are ready to train.

Breathing rules:

- When training, do not inhale and exhale air through your nose, especially if you are lifting heavy weights or performing exercises such as squats or push-ups

- Inhale through your mouth and exhale strongly

- Keep in mind that some exercises require inhaling air every 2 to 3 repetitions, while some exercises require you to inhale twice for one repetition

- Between each series, fill yourself with oxygen by bending your knees, resting your hands on your thighs, and lifting your chest high and slowly inhaling the air through your mouth. Repeat the breath 5 to 10 times and you are ready to start a new series

- Remember that the first rule of breathing is to inhale the air when you release the weight, and exhale the air when you lift the weight. This means inhaling air when the muscles are less tense, and exhaling air when the muscles are tense during exercise.

Basic breathing exercises can greatly help improve your bodybuilding results. By applying these rules, you are constantly making progress, and contributing to a better quality of life. No matter what, fortunately we have a natural method to defend ourselves from all the adverse influences for us - proper breathing.

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