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If you constantly perform the same exercises and use the same weights, after a few months that training program will not be enough to achieve the desired results. So if you want to grow, ie. To gain muscle mass you will need to make adequate changes to the structure of your usual workout. No changes - no results. Try pyramidal kits to stimulate muscle growth. Learn more about them in this article

If you’ve been doing the same training program for a few months, so doing the same exercises and doing the same number of reps, it’s definitely the right time to change the structure of your workout. You have to push the body to the maximum and prepare it for the transition to the next, higher level. The ideal solution is pyramid sets.


The basic thing to do when it comes to this type of exercise is to start the first series in which you will use less weight but perform more repetitions. For example, you will do a dumbbell bending exercise and the first series consists of 15 repetitions, and you will use a weight of 10 kg. After you have completed the first series of exercises and taken a short break, move on to the second series and use more weight but perform fewer repetitions. The next series means even more weight, but also even fewer repetitions, and that's how you actually build the pyramid. As you move towards the top of the pyramid you will use more and more weight but it will take less time to lift them.

Benefits of Pyramid Training

Wide selection

One of the biggest advantages of this way of exercising is that it allows the body to adapt to various weights and loads. If you constantly train with heavy weights and perform fewer repetitions, your body will adjust to that pace, and you will not be strong enough to perform any type of activity that requires endurance and strong muscles. On the other hand, if you just train to achieve great muscular endurance, you probably won't maximize your energy.

Out of comfort zone

Another advantage of this way of exercising is that it forces you to cross the comfort zone. Most people are neither aware nor aware of how strong and powerful they really are. Most people never even try to do one extra maximum repetition and realize how much weight they can really lift. They simply lift the weight at which they feel most comfortable and usually this lifting is reduced to 8 to 10 reps. Simply force yourself to do a series of 6 or fewer reps, using heavier weights, which will help your body grow and strengthen and also allow you to progress to a higher level.

Little Warning

You must be careful and keep in mind the fact that when performing pyramidal series, which require the use of higher weights, you must perform the exercise or movement correctly. It will not help you much to lift huge weights if you do not perform these movements properly, ie exercise. To achieve results and of course reduce the risk of injury, these exercises are best done with a partner who will monitor your movements and follow you from the moment you start performing demanding exercises until the end. Your partner can help you do the exercise completely correctly, finish the series neatly without sacrificing just the form of the exercise.

Pyramid scheme - select


If you are just starting out with this type of exercise, it is best to start with three sets of one exercise and three different weights, but increase the weight from one to two kilograms for exercises such as dumbbell bending, where the change in weight the value of one kilogram can very well reflect the result.Squatting, a more demanding exercise, requires a greater difference in weights, from 5 to 10 kilograms


More advanced exercisers should do 4 to 5 sets, with the first set being warm-ups and the next sets done in 12, 10, 8, 6 and 4 repetitions. first more weight was used and fewer repetitions were used, ie climbing upwards, and then back downwards in the reverse order. Since this is a more demanding exercise, which requires a lot of strength and energy, the total number of exercises in training should be reduced in order to avoid overtraining.


More demanding and complex exercises are a much better choice for this way of training because you can overcome heavier weights with them. Smaller muscles can be quite weak, so after only one or two weight-bearing exercises, you realize that you can no longer do any repetitions. Also, these weak muscles get tired faster and you will not be able to do the required number of sets to achieve the set goal.

Taking all of the above into account, we come to the conclusion that pyramid training is most effective if you first do complex exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench press) that focus on large muscle groups, and then do exercises focused on smaller muscles like biceps and triceps. Because the smaller muscles are indirectly involved in performing complex exercises, they get tired even before they start performing the exercises intended for them, so that their possibilities can be used even better.


The last factor that should also be considered, when it comes to pyramid training, is intensity. Pyramid training is an extremely physically demanding type of training, because the body, in addition to having to deal with heavy weights, also has to deal with adapting to different weights and repetitions. This training requires more series, which also means more volume, so more rest will be needed. If you decide on this type of exercise, then plan two days of complete rest between workouts so that your body is completely rested and ready for the next demanding workout.


Try this way of exercising if you feel it is the right time to improve your training program and bring your body to a higher level. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to perform pyramid series for every workout. For example, you can choose to use them as a chest training tool and do the rest of the training the same way you did. By doing this, you achieve the progress of a certain area (which may also be your problem) and you reduce the effort on the whole body. You just have to keep in mind that you always, but always, keep the right way of doing the exercise, and if you are not sure that you can complete the exercise correctly, have your partner with you.





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