Usporedba dizanja: powerlifting i bodybuilding

Although both categories relate to weightlifting, there are large and significant differences between bodybuilding and powerlifting. This text will help you get a true picture of both.


The three most important components of bodybuilding are exercise training, a detailed diet plan that includes adequate caloric intake and rest. Bodybuilding is the process of maximizing muscle growth through a combination of these three components. The goal of this weightlifting category is, in addition to being very strong bodybuilders, to achieve muscle definition, symmetry and expressiveness. The combination of the three most important components of bodybuilding leads to shaping the body into a harmonious figure, reducing adipose tissue and discarding excess water. Professional bodybuilders, who participate in competitions, present their harmonious figure and aesthetic appearance to the judges. Judges are not only satisfied with their muscles, because they also evaluate skin tone, posing, vasculature, behavior, etc.

So, the main goal of bodybuilding is to reduce the percentage of body fat and increase muscle mass so that the muscles are perfectly visible and thus leave a perfect impression.

Training program

To achieve this goal, bodybuilders do strong and vigorous training programs, which include a large number of exercises that cover all muscle groups in the body. In order to achieve visible results, which is ultimately the goal of this sport, the exerciser must use cardio training as well as strength training. It is important to constantly change exercises and conditions because the body is ready to adapt to external influences and the environment. It is necessary to provide at least 48 hours of rest between muscle groups when doing weight training. Listen to your body and work according to its guidance, so sometimes train with heavy weights and do a small number of repetitions per series, and sometimes use less weights but do a much larger number of repetitions. Do as much as your body allows you to do in that workout.


Unlike powerlifting, nutrition plays a much more important role in bodybuilding. The diet that bodybuilders consume consists of a higher intake of protein, low intake of carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are a substitute for carbohydrates and serve as a fuel for energy consumption. Meals should be consumed every 2 to 3 hours. Also, in addition to having a detailed diet plan, they must also know how to choose the right dietary supplements. To achieve results, it is necessary to have a diet plan composed of the right combination of food, drink and supplements.


In order to achieve visible results and to have strong and strong muscles, you need to provide your body with enough sleep and rest. Exercise damages muscle fibers, and in order to restore them to their original state, it is necessary to rest them enough. You need to make the right combination of rest and diet and you will have enough energy and strength to train.


The three most important components of powerlifting are bench press, squats and deadlifts. The main goal of a powerlifter is to increase maximum power, while not taking much care of its aesthetic appearance. So, the only thing that matters is how many kilograms can be lifted in squats, deadlifts and chest push-ups and that is the only measurable result of the performance. To become a good powerlifter you need to be coordinated and have a very good sense of balance, so pure strength is needed.

Training program

A good training powerlifting program is built on three principles. The first part of the program should establish a state of muscle augmentation. Never train to the maximum until the day of the competition, so your weight training must have limits that you must not cross.Technique is very important and pay special attention to it, because bad habits must be corrected at the very beginning. In order to meet all these conditions, you need to strengthen the whole body. A certain degree of flexibility is needed, stretching should be done after warming up, and exercises should be done slowly and without sudden movements. To bring your form to perfection and be fully ready to compete, use periodization:

- Hypertrophy: large number of repetitions per series with lower weights lasting 4 to 5 weeks

- Strength: moderate number of repetitions per series with higher weights for 4 weeks

- Last phase: a small number of repetitions per series with high weights, with a maximum of 3 weeks in the competition

- Rest: activities that do not include weight lifting for 1 to 2 weeks

After these 4 phases, start again with the hypertrophy phase but at a higher level than in the first cycle.


The diet program that powerlifters follow is based on a high protein intake, a lot of carbohydrates and a medium amount of fat. Also, like bodybuilders and powerlifters they need to consume more meals a day. They need more food as fuel that will provide enough energy to train and recover the body from strong activities.


From the text you have read, you can conclude that there are differences between bodybuilders and powerlifters, both in their Tao appearance and in their training and nutrition program. While the bodybuilder does full body exercises to achieve a perfect aesthetic look and visible all muscle groups, the powerlifter focuses on just three lifts. It is not crucial for the bodybuilder how much weight he will lift and how strong he is, because competition does not require him to do that. The powerlifter competition comes down to who can lift more weight, and the bodybuilder competition comes down to who looks better. Their diet program is also different. Before the competition, bodybuilders reduce calorie intake to lose excess body fat and look good, powerlifters increase calorie intake to gain more muscle mass and strength.


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