zasto su vam potrebni vitamini odmah

We all know that every athlete or serious exerciser needs multivitamins as a dietary supplement, but not all multivitamin supplements are the same. Many, although they claim otherwise, contain a formula made for non-exercisers, with low biological value of micronutrients in it. Athletes and serious exercisers are far more active than average people and therefore their need for micro and macro nutrients is far different.

Of course, whether you are an athlete or an exerciser who wants to make some progress, you need to take care of your diet and meet the appropriate needs for macronutrients ( carbohydrates , proteins , fats ), satisfying these needs will also satisfy your needs for micronutrients ( vitamins , minerals , enzymes, antioxidants, electrolytes), however great your diet may be, it is great the likelihood that your micronutrient needs will not be met.

All the above various micronutrients are necessary for our body, they help in vital processes, especially when it comes to energy, endurance and recovery. Of course with inadequate intake your body will suffer and will show this through various symptoms. To avoid this, your imperative should be to take multivitamins / multiminerals intended for athletes.


The two classic problems we encounter with all average multivitamins are:

Problem # 1: Athletes have different needs

Classic multivitamins are not formulated and designed for athletes and active exercisers. Most of these multivitamins are designed for the average person who is not as active, and therefore has less need for macronutrients, which ultimately leads to a very small spectrum of micronutrients and in very small amounts. Even taking a double or triple dose will not meet your micronutrient needs.

Problem # 2: Low biological value

The biological value of these multivitamins is usually very low. They are usually made in the form of hard-pressed tablets. This method of production is cheaper, but the binders, heat and pressure with which the tablet is made make the micronutrients contained in it unusable in our body. This means that the body will absorb less than 25% of the nutrients listed on the label.

After all of the above, our advice is to add multivitamins intended for athletes to your diet as soon as possible and provide your body with all the micronutrients it needs to function normally. You can do this by visiting one of our stores in Importanne, Sarajevo City Center and Grand Center Ilidža, or by clicking on the link .


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