Supplement known scientifically as "Beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbutyric acid". This supplement became popular in the late 1990s after scientific studies showed that HMB supplementation significantly increased lean muscle mass, strength, and reduced recovery time.

Many recent studies show that HMB is an extremely important supplement. MuscleTech> took the opportunity to create a unique form of HMB known as HMB free-acid (HMB-SK) which is superior in increasing muscle mass and reducing recovery time after intense training. Read one overview of all the benefits of HMB-SK which can be found in Clear Muscle .

HMB rapidly increases muscle mass and fights exercise-induced catabolism.
HM B is a metabolite of the most important branched chain amino acid leucine ( BCAA>. Leucine enters the system quickly to increase muscle growth and to reduce the breakdown of muscle mass. As a metabolite of leucine, HMB also reduces the breakdown of muscle fibers by fighting catabolism. Intense training causes your body to go into a catabolic state, in which muscle fibers break down. In this condition, the body needs amino acids but the most important is leucine, in order for the body to recover from rigorous training. By taking supplements such as leucine and HMB you supply your body with the raw materials most needed for muscle recovery and growth.

Studies show that BetaTOR, a specific form of HMB, performs better than standard HMBs because it is not compromised by digestion.

HMB is an effective supplement but you need to take it in large quantities to achieve great results. The new formula, HMB-SK, known as BetaTOR in Clear Muscle, passes through the digestive system without being damaged like calcium HMB monohydrate and leucine when taken. BetaTOR is absorbed much faster and more efficiently than the previous generation HMB. In one study, subjects taking BetaTOR had a 97% higher concentration over a three-hour period. Muscle absorbed 30% more BetaTOR compared to calcium salt HMB monohydrate.

An additional study shows that BetaTOR increases muscle building.

When BetaTOR> enters the muscles, it activates an anabolic process called the “p70S6k / mTOR” pathway. This is a universal way for our bodies to build extra muscle mass. Additionally BetaTOR also excludes second way activity (UPPP) which destroys muscle fibers. Researchers at the University of Tampa in Florida concluded that BetaTOR increases muscle protein synthesis while reducing catabolism, thus providing greater muscle growth. There were two groups in this study: the placebo group and the Clear Muscle group, and it was done on well-trained bodybuilders who trained 3-4 times a week for 12 weeks. BetaTOR subjects gained as much as 5.5 kg of pure muscle mass and the placebo group 1 kg of muscle. Additionally, BetaTOR subjects increased muscle density by 188% while the placebo group increased by 67%.


The conclusion of this study is very clear: Training builds muscle, training with supplementation HBM-FA builds much more muscle. Each dose of 2 Clear Muscle capsules contains one gram of BetaTor. You can see and buy Clear Muscle by clicking on the link .

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