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Accelerate your progress in gaining strength and muscle mass by making sure you consume the best foods and supplements before and after your workout (the so-called "anabolic window").

Like a race car that needs the best parts and fuel to go as fast as possible, your body only needs the best nutrition and supplements. If you want to improve or speed up the process of gaining strength and muscle mass, then you need to pay attention to your diet and supplements , which should be of high quality, and which will allow you to increase weight on the bench press, instead of weights on the scales in the form of extra fat.

After all, in bodybuilding, you really are what you eat.

Diet in bodybuilding has changed over the years, but the basic principles have remained unchanged. What you should eat is:

  • 5-6 small meals a day every few hours
  • Proteins for building and recovering muscles
  • Complex carbohydrates to meet energy needs
  • Limited amounts of healthy fats, which play an important role in hormone production

These principles sound pretty simple, however when it comes to carbohydrates an additional explanation is needed:

Complex carbohydrates, which are nothing more than a set of interconnected sugar molecules, take far longer to digest, making them ideal for consumption throughout the day and controlling blood sugar levels. Simple sugars, on the other hand, enter the bloodstream quickly and raise blood sugar levels, thereby boosting insulin secretion. Insulin stores sugar, which is now excess in the blood, in the so-called. reservoirs, primarily muscle tissue and liver to make up for what is consumed, and then into fat cells. Precisely because of the latter, consuming complex carbohydrates instead of simple ones is a smart way to be careful not to get excess fat.

However, that every rule has an exception is valid here as well. There are periods when you should raise your blood sugar level and take advantage of increased insulin secretion. This refers to pre- and post-workout meals, where your diet will be very different from the diet you eat the rest of the day.


If you ate a larger and more complex meal before training, it is certain that it will not be digested, and that you will probably feel nauseous during training. To avoid this, and yet not to be hungry and to provide the necessary "fuel" during training, it would be best to consume a small meal 30-60 minutes before training. Nutrients from such a meal will be available to you during training and will even help you with recovery after training. Your metabolism and body type will help you accurately determine the amount of nutrients you need in a pre-workout meal, what that meal should contain is an equal portion of simple carbohydrates and protein , which will provide energy to your muscles and help them with construction and recovery.

Starch-rich carbohydrates, such as white bread and white rice, or simple sugars such as dextrose and maltodextrin, combined with a protein that is quickly digested and absorbed like whey gold t5> ( whey protein isolate ) or egg whites (if you prefer whole foods), are a great pre-workout meal because they contain all the nutrients your body needs during a workout.

Also, after training, your muscles have depleted glycogen reserves, which provide the energy needed for muscle contraction during training. This is especially evident after extremely strenuous workouts, when your body enters catabolism, a state of muscle breakdown.In order to prevent this condition and start the growth process (anabolism), it is necessary to replenish glycogen reserves, again relying on simple carbohydrates (and their effect on insulin secretion) In addition to carbohydrates, protein isolate is required. be quickly delivered to muscle cells along with sugar molecules. Research has shown that exercisers have a far greater need for extra protein, and that it needs to be consumed before and after training for optimal muscle growth.

Research has also shown that you can increase protein synthesis by consuming protein that is quickly digested immediately after training. Simply put, after training your muscles need nutrients, and a meal made up of simple sugars and protein that is quickly digested has proven to be the best combination to deliver those nutrients. In addition to this, it should be noted that most bodybuilders decide to eat this meal in liquid form, in the form of a shake, because it is easier to prepare and is digested faster than solid foods. This does not mean that you should not consume a solid meal, but only that due to the stated benefits of a liquid meal, you can consume a solid meal about an hour after the liquid.


When you train, your body tries to respond to the demands made on it as soon as possible, so it is necessary to provide your body with the necessary "material" that will ensure that your body remains in a state of anabolism before and after training. Of course, we have already mentioned that protein and simple sugars should be number one, but in addition to them we will mention a couple of supplements that can further enhance your meals before and after training.

  • CREATINE: Supplement obtained from meat foods, increases protein synthesis by pushing water into muscle cells (which is otherwise a signal for anabolism). It also increases phosphocreatine stores in muscle tissue, which is used to produce more ATP (energy) for longer and more intense workouts. Studies have shown that creatine increases "insulin-like growth factor" (IGF-1), which is an anabolic hormone.
  • GLUTAMIN: An amino acid found in skeletal muscle that is ubiquitous in the body. Glutamine is important for protein synthesis and is often consumed during strenuous workouts. Studies have shown that glutamine supplementation promotes muscle growth by increasing muscle cell volume, growth hormone secretion levels and reducing catabolism.
  • CAFFEINE: Stimulant that helps mobilize fat cells in the bloodstream and promotes metabolism. Caffeine has been shown to increase strength and intensity if taken before a workout, and in addition, caffeine reduces the muscle pain you feel after a workout by about 50%.


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