Numerous studies have shown that CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) reduces fat deposits, while seemingly increasing lean muscle mass. Learn why CLA supplementation is the right choice for you and which ones to use.

CLA is found in food, it is a fatty acid ("good fat" that you can find in meat, milk and cheese, but in really small concentrations.) You need to ingest 1.4 to 3.0 grams per day to would lose fat.

However, to take CLA only through diet can be very problematic because foods that contain CLA also contain bad fats (saturated fats) so supplementation with CLA is the only right choice.


CLA is a product of linoleic acid (found in large quantities in sunflowers). A process that converts linoleic acid to conjugated linoleic acid is used. But how can fatty acid reduce fat deposits while increasing lean muscle mass?

Numerous studies prove that CLA reduces fat deposits while increasing muscle mass. A recent study in humans shows that 4.2g / day in 53 healthy subjects leads to a significant reduction in fat deposits from those who do not take CLA . It should be added that overweight people should take a minimum of 3.4 grams of CLA daily for 12 weeks to see amazing results.


Combining CLA and weight training can be great for absolutely anyone. A study was done on 24 men who have just started weight training. Namely, they consumed 7.2 grams CLA daily for 6 weeks. There was a noticeable increase in muscle mass but also strength compared to the placebo group.


Studies done in Berven, Blankson and Thom show a greater reduction in fat deposits than in a study done in Smedman in that study showed that the weight of the subjects increased but the fat deposits were visibly reduced.

The findings of these studies show that not only has the amount of fat deposits changed but also that lean muscle mass has increased. The decrease in the amount of fat deposits was much greater than the weight showed because there was an increase in lean muscle mass.

A study in Kamphuis concluded that supplementation with CLA throughout the year leads to a reduction in fat deposits of up to 18% and an increase in lean muscle mass of up to 12%. The men and women who participated in the study used 4.2 grams a day of this healthy fatty acid.


To sum it all up, CLA supplementation is very effective. Of course, even without CLA> you can achieve good results, but not in such a short period of time! If you want fast and quality results of hard work, CLA is the supplement for you!

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