If you are studying or working, you certainly don't have much time. After 5pm the gyms are crowded, you are often forced to use almost anything to work out in the gym. If someone asks you why you are doing this particular exercise and you answer: because this device / weight is free you have a big problem.

However, if you wait patiently and have a training plan, the results will be very valuable. The success of any hypertrophic session lies in your ability to combine the right muscle groups, resulting in the activation of more muscle fibers. One of the biggest mistakes people make is training two large muscle groups in one workout. Training large muscle groups such as the legs and back in the same workout takes up too much energy and is too stressful for the CNS (central nervous system).

When you are done with the muscle group you worked on first, you will not be able to work the second muscle group with the same intensity. The reason for this is that the muscles do not work individually. Eg When you work your pectoral muscles, your deltoid muscles and triceps work as well. It is almost impossible to isolate the muscles completely.

In order to stimulate maximum growth in muscles, we recommend that you adopt the following principle: training one large muscle group per workout and the rest of the training to work on smaller muscle groups that participate in one large muscle group. So back- biceps- abdominal muscles, chest-triceps-shoulders, legs-leaves. Below are the perfect combinations of training, this is how you need to train to ensure maximum progress but also maximum regeneration. Because we should not forget that muscles do not grow in training! This is an example of 3 types of workouts we recommend a day off between each workout.

Training example:

- Chest, shoulders and triceps
- Back, biceps and abdomen
- Legs and leaves

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