Koje je pravo vrijeme da unesete prijeko potrebne proteine za vaše mišiće?

Every bodybuilder knows that if he wants to gain more serious muscle mass, nutrition will be crucial. You just can’t eat everything that comes to hand and think you’re going to grow, you can’t be so naive. Eating at fast food and then going to training may not be the best way to see the results of hard work. When it comes to protein, meat is No.1. Sometimes you will consume lean steak, chicken or fish. But what if they are not at hand or when you do not have time to prepare and eat it all?

When it comes to protein, there is always an alternative. Namely whey (whey protein) casein (milk protein) albumen (egg protein) in the form of a supplement are really a great alternative if you want to get enough protein into your body. But there are many people who do not know when to consume these supplements.

Whey protein

Whey> is the fastest absorbed protein, because its molecules are the smallest. The biological value of whey protein is 104BV so it is the highest quality source of protein. It is best to use it for at least 2 hours before training and immediately after training with simple carbohydrates. It will help with protein synthesis which means you will build more muscle.

Milk protein

Casein is great for bedtime consumption because it has the largest molecules, so it breaks down the slowest. It is great for preventing catabolism that happens during the night. Casein will ensure that you maintain muscle mass and prevent catabolism (muscle breakdown).

For best results, mix whey and casein in a ratio of 50:50 to ensure the longest possible anabolism. If your budget doesn't allow it, you can take a mix of whey and casein in supplements like PHASE 8 or Syntha 6 isolate .

Nutrients for before and after training.

As we have already said whey should be drunk about 2 hours before training, half an hour before training it is good to consume amino acids branched chain (popular BCAA ), beta alanine for endurance (lactic acid reduction), caffeine (for concentration) AAKG (arginine alpha ketoguarate for pump), glutamine for recovery, but also creatine for endurance, strength and energy. These components will ensure maximum muscle growth. After training, you should drink whey, simple carbohydrates, glutamine and creatine.

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