Napumpajte svoje bicepse na novu razinu!

Biceps training does not have to be made up of a multitude of exercises, so there is no need for too many sets. Better said - there will be those for whom this amount will be large - we will show you how biceps can be well developed with as many as 6 series. We will do a total of three exercises, with one optional, a fourth, at the end. Rest time should not be longer than a minute and a half between two sets, but in fact a one minute break would be optimal, except for the first exercise, where the number of repetitions is very high.

Biceps on Scott's bench

There will be a well-known exercise "biceps standing with a barbell", we will immediately go to Scott's bench. Why? Because we now train with a high number of repetitions, although those who do the biceps exercise properly, their shoulders do not work during the movement, but I can believe that with 30-40 repetitions it can happen that you lower the bar precisely because of the burning in the shoulders. it happens simply because you don't hold the barbell in the right place - and this is especially true when we do biceps exercises after exercising a large muscle group (especially a big problem after exercising the chest and shoulder muscles). Those who have strong joints should use a straight bar, but the French bar (EC) is quite ok. After warming up, put on so many weights that you can do a minimum of 25 reps. Ready? Then go, do at least 30 reps with those weights. If it works, you can do as many as 35 reps, then increase the weight.

Exercising with a high number of repetitions has one specific feature: after a certain number of repetitions there is certainly a burning of the muscles, regardless of the size of the weights. This is exactly why it happens when using a weight of 15 kilograms, which is otherwise very difficult to do 30 repetitions, that it seems to you that this is the end, that it does not go further, but if you try it may go even with 20 kilograms. Always try to use the highest possible weights, as the number of repetitions allows. You have to experiment a bit, but it pays off! You will be surprised how you will be able to work with heavy weights in a relatively short time and achieve a relatively high number of repetitions.

In the next series, use such large weights that you can do a minimum of 15 reps and try to increase it to 20 over time. If you achieve this, you can increase the weights. The third and final series will be a series of 10 repetitions - if it doesn't work, reduce the weights!

Sitting bend dumbbells

In the second exercise, we will use another function of the biceps, because we know that the muscles should always be attacked from several sides: "Sitting bend dumbbells". We will not change the weight here, but we will choose such dumbbells, with which we can do 15 repetitions, try to adhere to it during all three series. If you can do more, it's okay to increase your weight. If you can do less, then reduce the weight. Pay attention to continuous performance, do not work with a swing, because you will not be able to consciously tighten the biceps muscles at the upper point of the movement. I warn you in advance, you will only be able to work with small weights here, but don’t worry, you are not exercising your ego now. Make three series.

Hamer fold

In addition to the biceps, this exercise will work out the forearm as well as the brachial muscle. Choose a weight with which you will be able to do about 10-12 reps. Make two sets, try to make sure the exercise is done correctly.

If you still have strength left - which I don't guarantee - then maybe you can do a little concentrated biceps as a crown. I know, it's a bit mean to leave this popular exercise for last, because everyone is very happy to do this exercise, but let's face it, for most people this exercise is completely unnecessary. Until you gain big biceps, you don't have anything to shape.So end this exercise with the more advanced ones with a minimum of 15 reps. You can perform two sets you don't need anymore.

Do you like challenges? Do as many as 50 reps sometimes! Try the second and third exercises with a high number of repetitions or do with a high one, and Scott's bench with a low number of repetitions - try to experience which method is most optimal for you. But under 10 reps preferably don’t go, and always pay close attention to proper performance. This method will not make sense if you are throwing weights. Those who are eager for a challenge, can try this type of exercise in a superset with triceps exercise with a high number of repetitions! What I can guarantee you, if you agree to it, is that you will feel such a "pump" in your hands like never before. This type of exercise is not a pleasant experience, except when you look in the mirror at the end of training, you will not recognize your hands. And don't be afraid, you won't become "defined" due to too many repetitions. It's a child question! .
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