Are you an ectomorph and have a hard time gaining muscle mass ?

No reason to worry here are tips to help you pack pounds and pounds of muscle mass.

Although most people talk about weight loss in the fitness industry, not all people have that goal. Many people are struggling to gain lean muscle mass and this is the right article for them. Here are the best tips for all "hard-gainers", teenagers and all adults who are struggling with gaining muscle mass.

If you're a hard-gainer, you've probably heard of the golden rule, just eat plenty. We understand that it often happens that you just can't eat enough food to meet your daily calorie needs, and pizza and burgers, although high caloric are not the right choice. They contain empty calories, a lot of cholesterol, sugar and bad fats.

We realize that eating large amounts of food is simply not an easy task. But don't worry, we will give you a lot of advice to get the desired results as easily and quickly as possible. In short, you need to eat well, train hard and choose the best and most important supplements.

You’ve probably heard many times how to eat as much as possible it’s simply because you have to ingest more calories than you’ve expended it’s the key to success. We all know that at least one person who made a mistake with his diet ate a lot more than he needed to and thus gained a lot of fat. We won’t talk about it here of course, we’re not here for that. We’re here to give you tips on getting enough calories to pack muscle mass while not getting fat deposits.

So it is recommended that you enter an additional 500 calories. Wondering how to calculate the sufficient number of calories you need to ingest in 24 hours? Simply calculate per kilogram you need to add 40 to 60 calories so for a person with 97 kilos it is: 3880 calories. In case you don't see progress after a few months, increase by another 400 to 600 calories in one day. However, if you notice that your weight is increasing extremely rapidly, reduce your calorie intake by 200 to 300 calories in one day.

Expect at best an increase in muscle mass of 500g or 0.5g per week. If more or less reduce or add as we explained.

The biggest problem is when people do not consume quality food. It will be really hard at first until you get used to it. But we will make it easier for you by showing you a few tricks on how to get enough calories more efficiently and easily.

Be careful with calories

Make sure you consume foods packed with calories and quality nutrients. Fats and oils, almonds and cereals, avocados, red meat, whole eggs, bananas and rice are great ways to meet your daily needs without "bloating your stomach". Don't waste your time on fast food, even though these foods contain a lot of calories, do not have quality nutrients and lead to many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Having said this, the next thing to mention is that you need to eat at least 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Proteins are the basic building blocks, but of course we must not underestimate other nutrients. Your diet must be balanced. To get the best results.

Carbohydrates can offer the same number of calories per gram as protein but will not protect you as protein. So you are free to add more carbohydrates to your meals. Speaking of carbohydrates, choose those with less fiber so that they do not saturate quickly. Brown rice, cereals, bread and fruit are recommended.

And take good care of fruits and vegetables with plenty of water. Although they contain a lot of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) they can easily saturate you. Which will make you a problem with this kind of diet.If you are afraid that you will be deprived of micronutrients, we recommend multivitamin products

Fats are a smart choice for your diet because they contain twice as many calories as proteins and carbohydrates. An easy way to add fat is to cook your meals in coconut, olive or other high-calorie oils. Worried about getting too much fat into your diet? You don't have to be! Recent studies show that healthy fats have absolutely nothing to do with cardiovascular disease, on the contrary, these fats are an excellent prevention. Don't be afraid of healthy (unsaturated) fatty acids. So be careful not to ingest saturated fatty acids.


If you stick to a weight gain plan, remember that you don't need to stick to a diet followed by professional bodybuilders. So feel free to add sauces, sauces, creamy dressings to your food. In other words, enjoy. If the food tastes good you will want to eat more and more which is exactly our goal.

A diet that involves eating more calories is not easy, and if you are serious and want to lose muscle mass, you will have to eat every 2-3 hours. This will oblige you to make a diet plan and make snacks that will make it easier for you to eat calories such as: Peanut butter sandwiches, protein shakes, wholemeal bread and milk.


When we're done eating, we'll give you some tips for your workout. Realistically, every training program will help you build weight, especially if you use heavy weights and consume a lot of calories. But if you want to gain a noticeable number of pounds, we recommend that you stick to exercises that include more muscle groups such as: squats, push-ups, etc.

If you want to achieve maximum hypertrophy do 8-10 sets for larger muscle groups for smaller groups and 4-6 sets using 70% to 80% of your strength. So if you can push 100 kg on the bench, work with 70 kg or 80 kg, don't cheat slowly and another very important tip is to breathe properly. This way of exercising will make your body secrete more growth and strength hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone. Train hard but make sure you get enough rest between sets so 1 to 3 minutes. So your heart rate needs to be as low as possible to save all those calories you have ingested. (The faster the heart rate, the higher the calorie consumption). The good thing about eating these calories is that you will be stronger in the gym and you will feel great and of course the pump will be maximal.


Supplements are created for a reason: Everyone needs a little help with their diet to achieve the best results. Using these supplements that we will list will make your life easier! And only when you see the results, we guarantee you will be delighted!


It's a great idea to buy a gainer, they are packed with proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. You need these nutrients. With these supplements you can ingest over 1000 calories in just one meal! But you have to be careful with your choice.We personally recommend ON Pro complex gainer he is the best gainer on the market and we stand behind our claim!


Creatine will definitely help you in your performance So you will be stronger and much bigger. Taking a creatine supplement helps water enter the muscles resulting in better regeneration and bigger muscles. There are the most studies on creatine and there are no side effects. We recommend 5 to 10 grams of creatine per day


Realistically, the more calories you put in, the better for your progress. So we recommend that you add dextrose to PWM (post workout meal) it is very cheap and will not break your budget. It is recommended that you drink a BCAA supplement during your workout to minimize muscle catabolism.


If you want your muscles to grow you need to give them time to recover from strenuous workouts. ZMA is one of the best if not the best nighttime recovery supplements. It is a combination of Zinc B6 vitamins and magnesium. ZMA is best taken on an empty stomach 15 minutes before bedtime. Studies on the ZMA supplement have shown that it increases the REM (rapid eye movement) phase, increases testosterone. So it gives a lot of strength and increases muscle mass. Speaking of sleep, the lack of sleep releases the hormone cortisol (stress hormone), which destroys your immune system and increases muscle catabolism to the maximum.


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