10MITOVA o treningu i prehrani

MYTH # 1 If you take a long break, your muscles will turn into fat
TRUTH: Muscles are created when you expose your body to the things it thinks : if I don't get stronger, I won't survive! When you stop training, you change the environment in which your muscles are located. Suddenly they are no longer needed for the body to survive. Why keep something you don't need? Without constant stimulation, your muscle mass will atrophy and you will burn fewer calories. However, you will most likely maintain your appetite and eat more calories than your body needs now to maintain its weight and thus gain weight.

MYTH # 2 Carbohydrates are bad
TRUTH: If you want to gain muscle mass you will need to eat carbs. If you get rid of them completely, you may burn more fat during training, but you will not last long. Carbohydrates are the fuel for intense training, and fats are not. Also, in order for your brain to function properly, it needs at least minimal carbohydrate intake. The brain needs glucose to work. Your body can use fat as fuel for muscle, but the brain can't.

MYTH # 3 You can eat what you want if you train hard and use fat burners
TRUTH: To burn fat you need to burn more calories than you eat. Burners will speed up the heart rate and help with training, but these are not magic pills. You can't hope to be able to sit and eat burgers all day and then expect a fat burner to make you leaner.

MYTH # 4 If you want to lose fat, avoid fat
TRUTH: Fat is essential to maintain healthy hormone levels and utilize vitamins. Without fat you will have a terrible environment for muscle growth. Fats also help control appetite.

MYTH # 5 Lots of calories will make you fat
TRUTH: If you continuously eat more calories than your body consumes you will gain weight. But you can get both fat and muscle, depending on where the calories come from and whether you stimulate the muscles to grow. Occasional overeating will not make you fat unless it is thousands of calories coming from sugar and fat, and you are still prone to gaining weight. When you increase your calorie intake there is a risk of gaining weight, but it also speeds up your metabolism.

MYTH # 6 If you want to lose weight, do cardio until you lose the weight you want. Start lifting weights only after that.
TRUTH: If you do this you will lose muscle mass unnecessarily. The more muscle you have the faster your metabolism. It is true that weight training does not burn too many calories, but the more lean muscle mass you have the higher your total daily calorie consumption will be. Muscles demand food all the time. If you kill yourself with cardio training, you will lose muscle mass and it will be really hard to lose fat then.

MYTH # 7 Do sit-ups
TRUTH: A flat stomach comes when you have lean muscle mass. If you eat too much, your muscles will remain trapped under a layer of fat. Everyone is born with abdominal muscles, you just need to get rid of fat to make it stand out.

MYTH # 8 Hello outside = hello inside
TRUTH: It's called denial! Many symptoms, deficiencies, toxins and diseases are silent. They show nothing on the surface or have no warning signs. You can never know if your organs are healthy or your bones are strong until you do the proper tests.

MYTH # 9 I can act locally on the problem area
TRUTH: This is not possible unless you opt for liposuction. Without this type of surgery, your body will extract fat from different regions in different amounts, and where it will come from depends mostly on genetics.

MYTH # 10 The more you sweat the more fat you lose
Sweat has nothing to do with the intensity of fat loss Sweating is just a process by which your body gets rid of heat. Fats are oxidized in the body and believe that they will not come out on the skin just because you sweat.


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