Kako povećati prirodnu proizvodnju testosterona

When we talk about hormones that are involved in building muscle, then the first place belongs to only one, testosterone. Unlike others, testosterone is the one that supports protein synthesis. If you train to become bigger, faster, slimmer or stronger, testosterone is a steroid hormone that can make a big difference. Too little testosterone and you will end up nowhere, too much testosterone (synthetic) and you will end up with very nasty and dangerous side effects. The human body does not tolerate and is not a fan of any superphysical concentrations of anything, including testosterone. But if you are able to maximize your natural testosterone levels, you will very quickly see changes in strength, size and definition, faster than ever before.

1. Train with large, complex movements

The simplest change you can make in your workout, to raise your testosterone levels, is to include complex, complex movements. But not any complex movements, they must be better and bigger movements. A jerk is a much better testosterone booster than a bench press, and a deadlift is far better than a one-handed dumbbell paddle. Engaging a higher percentage of total muscle mass with a demanding motor structure will lead to great metabolic stress on your body. It is a perfect formula for releasing higher concentrations of testosterone. We are not saying that we should avoid e.g. bench press or one-handed rowing, but if your body's testosterone levels are enviably low, then consider introducing Olympic exercises, deadlifts and barbell squats into your workout.

2. Train with the right volume

Not only do you need complex, complex exercises to increase testosterone levels in your body, you also need enough volume. Three repetitions of jerks in just one series won’t do much. In fact, one set for any exercise is not enough and is not ideal. What you need is a sufficient number of series. Specifically, you need a total number of repetitions for each "lift" that will be high enough to fully maximize testosterone without destroying you and knocking you to the floor. Research has shown that multiple sets of any exercise are much more effective at secreting testosterone. than it is just one series. What is the optimal number of series? It depends, but what is quite certain is that you need a minimum of four series most of the time. If you play around and add another one, two or three, even better. As long as you can handle it, there's no reason to be alarmed.

3. Consume a carbohydrate-protein drink before and after training

You could fill an entire container with papers on which day-to-day research proves the benefits of a post-workout carbohydrate-protein drink. One of the most positive effects is the reduction of catabolic hormones, and the stimulation of anabolic. It is generally known that this drink is necessary after training, but recent research shows that even before training, this drink provides many benefits. If you are wondering what this drink should look like, you can't go wrong with a 2: 1 ratio (carbohydrates: proteins).

4. Eat enough healthy cholesterol

Testosterone is derived from cholesterol. There is no other way the body can produce it in a natural way. So, if you avoid cholesterol, be sure to lose one of the body’s most powerful muscle-building hormones. Cholesterol-poor foods should definitely be avoided. A carnivorous diet is the key to much-needed cholesterol.

Whole eggs, beef, shrimp, cheese and other similar foods are rich in essential cholesterol sources that will maximize testosterone levels in your body. What about the potentially dangerous consequences of cholesterol-rich foods? Recent research shows that we are very likely to have been wrong all along when it comes to cholesterol. There seems to be a very weak correlation between the cholesterol we ingest through food and that in our bloodstream. This is especially true when we reduce carbohydrate consumption (which we should all actually do). Likewise, some research today suggests that people with higher cholesterol have a greater chance of longevity. Also, don't bother with sources from which you will get cholesterol, eat organic food, minimize spoiled carbohydrates, eat lots of vegetables and exercise on a regular basis.

What you should worry about is triglyceride levels. Triglycerides have been shown to be a major cause of cardiovascular problems and diseases. Reduce total carbohydrates and you will lower triglycerides. Consume omega-3 fatty acids and green tea every day, exercise for at least five hours a week in combination with resistance exercises and your energy system will be in full shape.

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