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Usually when you go to bed on an empty stomach, your body will use up all the nutrients you have eaten, emptying the reserves of nutrients needed for muscle growth. This will be especially true in the days when you trained. Your muscles require protein and carbohydrates and without that your muscles will not grow.

For the endomorphic body type this is not so much a problem. Your metabolism is very slow and your body will probably not use everything you eat.

What to eat at bedtime for maximum muscle development?

Because we sleep for a longer period of time, the body needs to be supplied with food that lasts longer, ie. food that is digested more slowly. There are 4 factors that affect the digestion of food for longer.

Food form:

A typical example for different forms of food is steak versus whey protein. The protein shake is in a liquid state and the body will digest it very quickly, while to digest the steak it will have to work much harder and longer to digest it.


The more fat a meal contains, the longer it will be digested. This happens because fats contain a hormone called cholecystokinin, which slows down digestion. You should definitely look for healthy sources of fat.

Protein type:

The type of protein you eat is very important. Usually protein shakes contain whey protein, which your body absorbs very quickly. It’s not the best thing for a bedtime meal. What you need is casein . This protein is slow to digest due to the large profile of amino acids it contains and because it forms a gel in the stomach and allows slow release over a longer period of time.


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