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There are 3 main human forms and these are: ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

If you trained and tried your best to lose or gain weight and none of it worked no matter how hard you tried, then it is very possible that you applied the wrong training or diet for your body type .

Male body type Ectomorph:

recognizable by its lean and thin body frame, long thin arms, low level of stored fat and high metabolism, it is very difficult to gain weight.


It is recognizable by its strong and broad bones, defined muscles, large torso and narrow waist. The body is mostly rectangular in shape, well defined with a low percentage of fat. It is easy for people with this body type to gain and lose weight.


Endomorph: round and soft body, a lot of weight is located in the abdominal region and easily store fat. Their legs are often short and rounded. The face is round.

Female body types

Hourglass Shape

These women have pronounced hips and a slim waist. They easily gain muscle and also lose fat. This body shape can be considered mesomorphic.

Apple Shape

Women with this body shape have a larger upper body with smaller, thinner legs. This type can be considered a combination of ectomorph and endomorph due to both different upper and lower body.

Pear shape

This type is characterized by narrow shoulders with wide hips and thighs. The shape of a pear is actually the opposite of the shape of an apple.

Athletic shape

This body shape has no curves and these women have the so-called. a boyish look with a small waist, narrow hips and legs. This is actually a shape that many women aspire to because according to some studies, any clothing suits women with this shape. This can be considered an ectomorphic type.

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