znakovi pretreniranosti

Muscle inflammation

It's normal for your muscles to hurt a lot after you go to the gym. If you are new to training, this feeling will last for several days after training. However, after a while, that pain should stop. If you still feel pain and inflammation after training a muscle group for 2 days or more, there is a chance that you are overtrained and not giving your muscles enough time and nutrients to recover.

Decrease in strength and endurance

Another thing you may notice is that in a state of overtraining you can't progress or even in a worse case you can't work with the weights you used to work with. What's more, you may feel weaker day by day. Make sure you give your muscles enough rest after exercise.

Lack of sleep and fatigue

In this case, there is no doubt that if you feel extreme fatigue after taking a break of a day or two, it is definitely a sign that you are overtrained. This can happen because you never give your body enough rest and all that fatigue accumulates which leads to extreme exhaustion.

Some people may even experience the opposite effects. to suffer from insomnia and not to have a peaceful sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep as this is the most important recovery period. You'd rather take a week off from training because that's better than ruining your potential results in the long run due to fatigue.

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Decreased appetite

You probably know that the last thing you need to do right after a workout is overeating. You will feel uncomfortable. You can also feel over food after you get overtrained. This happens because the body is too tired and "in a bad mood" even for a simple task that it normally performs on a daily basis, such as digesting food.


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