trening za velike ruke

Super set for muscle density: Bicep bend bar - 10,10,8,8,6,6 Flat bar push on lat machine - 10,10,8,8,6, 6 Unique exercises you haven't tried before

Sitting barbell - 15 reps (see video)

Do 3 sets of each exercise

Quadruple inflatable set

Bench failures - 30 reps

Bending the dumbbells on a sloping bench - 8 reps

Forehead Thrust - 8 reps

Wide grip with EZ bar - 21st repetition method (3x7)

Do a set of each exercise one after the other (set of the first exercise, followed by a set of the second exercise, then a set of the third ...)

A total of 4 sets.

Get ready for an unprecedented feeling of bloating


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