Najbolji i najgori proteini na tržištu

How to choose a protein drink? Do you take the one that one of your friends at the gym recommends? Are you buying protein with the most interesting label? Are you buying the one that tastes best or the one that is on sale?

These are serious questions. You know that eating whey protein at the right times can add a few pounds of muscle mass or make you lose a few pounds or repeat more on the bench. You will not achieve this with just about any protein. There are good and not so good proteins on the market, and knowing how to recognize them can be the key to progress.

To know if your protein is worth your money, ask yourself if it works. We assume you know what the benefits of whey protein are in your daily training and recovery cycle but it needs to be repeated just in case. It is crucial for several reasons, including amino acids and for fast digestion.

Whey is one of the richest sources BCAA i.e. leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are the three main culprits for muscle growth as well as energy during training. In addition, it contains many other elements, protein products that, in addition to muscle growth, also act as antioxidants, improve immunity and endurance.

The biggest advantage of whey protein compared to other sources of protein is of course absorption rate ie. its rapid action. In less than 30 minutes, it brings the necessary amino acids into your muscles, which ensures progress.

If you know that whey protein is made from milk then it is clear that this process begins with milking cows. The world's largest producers do not have cow farms and milk protein is obtained in a different way.

Long ago, whey was produced as a by-product of cheese production, a huge amount of precious liquid was treated as waste. Today, when its value is recognized, we have factories that concentrate it and turn it into powder. All the world's whey companies buy raw whey protein from various dairies.

Manufacturers of supplements such as Optimum Nutrition, BSN from protein concentrate, isolate, hydroisolate, calcium caseinate or micellar casein produced in large quantities in the factories of Glanbie, which is also the owner of these prestigious brands, creates its own blend and adds additives such as flavor, color as well as additional amino acids, creatine, digestive enzymes and the like.

Whey protein is the most efficient protein, but its efficiency can vary a lot. It often depends on the other ingredients added to the blend, but also on the quality of the protein from which it is made.


When you buy protein powder, you want to buy protein instead of carbohydrates and fats, which you can take into the body in various other ways. When you already give your money for protein powder, you also want it to contain as much pure protein as possible. The label on the back will tell you how many grams of protein it contains and how much fat and sugar.

That's not all, because below that you can find and the ingredients from which it is made, and it depends on whether it is really high quality or ordinary. Most often you will notice that it consists of several types of protein: protein whey concentrate, protein isolate or hydrolyzed whey. The best ones in the description will first have an isolate or hydrolyzed protein that are also the best sources of protein. Isolates contain even over 90% protein while hydrolyzed proteins have slightly less protein but faster absorption. On the other hand, protein concentrate goes through less filtration and retains slightly more carbohydrates from milk. The result is a protein powder with much less pure protein, ie. usually 70-80% protein and may have even less than 35% protein. This is also the reason why more and more companies are putting a lot of effort into protein isolate, which generally costs more than hydrolyzed protein.

To know which protein is really worth it you have to use math Divide the number of grams of protein per serving by the weight of each serving and if that number is between 0.8 and 0.9 it means your protein is 80 -90% clean and therefore extremely high quality.


Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Whey , Optimum Nutrition Hydro Whey , Optimum Nutrition Gold Standrad Whey t8>, Muscletech 100% Iso Whey , Muscletech Nitro Tech , Myprotein Impact Whey .


The Glanbia and Hilmar factories start their production process with high-quality milk and the price of their product depends on the price of milk. According to the current state of the milk market, the price of products made from such high-quality milk is high, and this cost is passed on to the end customer, which means that you pay more for high-quality milk products.

Unfortunately, not all producers of supplements use raw materials from well-known manufacturers, and due to the reduction of costs and the total price, they turn to producers of questionable quality. They pay much less for such crude protein, so the end customer saves money, but these products often have much higher amounts of fat and sugar and less protein than the label guarantees. It is not strange that they contain impurities and various contaminations.

Remember melamine-contaminated milk in China? Protein made from such milk can be harmful.

You will most easily recognize proteins made from cheap raw materials by their price. Their price is significantly lower than the price of proteins from reputable manufacturers. What you consider a good buy is usually the result of cheap raw materials. The only way to get such a low price is to use bad ingredients, so be careful when buying supplements from brands that are only regionally represented and not present on the world market. A great reference can be the world's most famous supplement sales portal where you can find end-user ratings as well as their comments.



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