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Implement these 9 tips on nutrition and training and watch fat deposits melt like butter you no longer use.

The human body is an extremely adaptable machine. Even though you have neglected your body for years and allowed it to accumulate fat deposits, you can get rid of these deposits much faster than you got them. Follow these 9 easy tips and the results will come quickly!


One of the reasons for this advice is that you can easily lose fat and gain muscle mass, and the scales will show the same result. Eg imagine that you have lost 2 kilograms of fat from your stomach and gained 2 kilograms of muscle at the same time, when you stand on the scales it will show as if you have not progressed at all. Physique and how you look in the mirror are far more important than what the scales show.

Use the scale only as a landmark, and a mirror, how you feel and how your clothes fit you as a far more reliable indicator of your progress.


If you want to lose weight, do not abruptly reduce your calorie intake. Any drastic reduction in calorie intake will be perceived by your body as starvation, which will slow down your metabolism and thus make you lose weight more slowly.

To prevent your metabolism from slowing down and allow your body to burn fat at an optimal level, gradually reduce their intake every 1-2 weeks.


This is another way to outwit your body and continue to burn fat without slowing down your metabolism.

Changing your calorie intake every few days instead of strictly adhering to the same caloric intake every day will keep your body from going into "starvation" and continue to burn fat.

"Although food is readily available and abundant in today's world, our bodies are designed to conserve energy as much as possible to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. One way our body is also adjusting the rate of metabolism based on caloric intake.

If you stick to the same calorie intake every day while on a diet, your body will adjust by slowing down your metabolism to prevent excessive weight and fat loss. This complete process is reduced to hormones, more precisely leptin.

When the level of leptin is high, then your metabolism is accelerated, when the level of leptin falls, the speed of metabolism decreases. With frequent reduced calorie intake, leptin levels fall, and thus your metabolism slows down, so calorie intake should vary, some days you eat more than others, to keep leptin levels as high as possible. "- Jim Stoppani, Ph.D>


Load and resistance training helps in many ways to lose fat. Weight training in itself burns a large amount of calories. Many studies have shown that, unlike aerobic exercise, weight training increases calorie burning up to 39 hours after training.

Also more muscle means more basal metabolism, or more calories burned every day.

In addition to this, even if your only goal is to lose excess fat, you should train with weights, because it will prevent the lost pounds from being out of muscle mass. If that happened then your metabolism would slow down and turn you into a skinny-fat person. Yes, even people with anorexia can have a high percentage of fat.


High intensity interval training or high-intensity interval training means training where you perform high-intensity exercises for a short period of time, followed by a short rest interval. The result of this kind of training is better results in less time.

One of the best exercises for this type of training is screwing, ie skipping the rope. After a short warm-up, set the timer and start skipping the rope for 10-20 seconds as fast as you can, after which you will slow down and skip 30 seconds at a slower pace when it expires. these 30 seconds you have completed one round. You can repeat this cycle several times depending on your form. If all this becomes too easy for you, you can increase the intensity by increasing the time of intense skipping to 30 seconds or more, as well as reducing the rest time.

It is important to note that before this workout, be sure to warm up, and if you are not in the best physical shape, start with low or medium intensity cardio training, before you reach the form for such a strenuous workout.


Consuming enough healthy fats will help you lose weight, build muscle and recover faster after strenuous workouts. Healthy fats also have many positive health effects, especially for your heart.

The only question that arises is which fats are healthy fats? Healthy fats are polyunsaturated fats (especially omega 3 ), such as those from fish and nuts, as well as monounsaturated fats found in peanut butter , olive oil, egg yolk and fish oil .


A diet with very low carbohydrate intake attracted a lot of attention and divided the opinion into those who are for and against low carbohydrate intake. However, no matter which side you are on, the fact is that a reduced intake of carbohydrates (especially sugar and starch) helps to lose weight.

Of course, this does not mean that you should stop consuming carbohydrates, but let your source of carbohydrates be oats and vegetables.

In addition to the amount of intake, the time of intake is also very important. Maximum carbohydrate intake should be in the morning and before and after training.


Increased protein intake will speed up your metabolism and help you maintain your existing muscle mass, all of which also help you burn fat. What's more, your body will burn more calories when you eat protein than when you eat fat or carbohydrates.

This property of the protein was also confirmed in a study published in the American Journal of Physiology. In this study, one group had a diet rich in protein (2g of protein per kilogram of body weight) while the other group ingested much less protein (approximately the recommended daily intake). At the end of the study, it was found that the group that consumed more protein also burned far more fat.

Yes, you read this right, many who have been on a high-protein diet have gained muscle mass without training.


This diet will ensure that your body is supplied with the nutrients necessary to build muscle and burn fat.

An added bonus is that it will increase your basal metabolism. Also, this type of diet will prevent your body from entering the already mentioned "starvation", which can happen if you make too long intervals between meals. If this happens your body will start to burn muscles and use them as a source of energy, and increase fat stores and slow down your metabolism, and this is exactly what you do not want.

Lastly, don't be the type of person who constantly complains and does nothing. Take matters into your own hands, apply these rules and start your transformation today!

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