Keto dijeta: smanjen unos ugljikohidrata za gubitak masti-Muscle Freak

The idea of ​​the keto diet is to bring your body into the process of ketosis where you stop burning carbohydrates as fuel ... Learn more about how it works, variations, etc. < / p>

Along with the Atkins and South beach diets, people interested in a low-carb diet should also consider the keto diet. Popular with many who want to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and lose fat, the main premise of this diet is: "eat fat to lose fat".

How does it work?

The idea of ​​the keto diet is to bring your body into a process called ketosis, where you will stop burning carbohydrates as fuel for energy and start burning ketones. This will happen when you lower your carb intake to 50g a day or less.

Many keto enthusiasts advise that the daily amount of carbohydrates should be 30 grams, but most are able to maintain ketosis and intake of 50 grams, which will make it easier to keep a diet because you can increase the consumption of vegetables and other foods containing several grams carbohydrates.


Most people who exercise regularly will follow either TKD (targeted keto diet) or CKD (cyclic keto diet).

TKD (targeted keto diet)

On this type of diet, you will get all your carbs before and after your workout. This type of diet is best for all those who are involved in more intense workouts and need a certain amount of carbohydrates that will provide the necessary energy, or if you do not want to do charging and depleting carbohydrates.

CKD (cyclic keto diet)

On this type of keto diet you will consume a minimum amount of carbohydrates per day (30-50 grams), but on weekends (or when it suits you best) you will do a big "charge" when you consume large amounts of carbohydrates to replenish glycogen reserves in muscles and so that we can diet and train again next week.

Before filling up on carbs, you need to do a workout where you will try to eliminate all the glycogen reserves in your muscles. During the filling phase, you will almost completely eliminate fats from your diet and consume only protein and carbohydrates.

Setting up a child

In order to start a keto diet, you need to measure several parameters in order to set it correctly. So you need to multiply your weight (weight of lean lean muscle mass) by 2.2 and the result of this multiplication is your required daily protein intake. Then multiply this number by 4 (the number of calories per gram of protein) and you get the number of calories you will consume from the protein.

You will consume the rest of the required calories from fat. You don't have to count the calories from carbohydrates, you will mostly consume them along the way by consuming green vegetables and accidentally from sources of protein and fat.

To determine the exact amount of fat you need, you will take the total number of calories needed to maintain your body weight (about 31-35 calories per kilogram of body weight). From this number you will subtract the calories you take in from the protein, and divide the number by 9 (the number of calories per gram of fat) and the end result is how many grams of fat you should eat per day.

Divide the resulting numbers by the desired number of meals to get the basic look of your new child. Also, make sure you eat enough green leafy vegetables to get enough antioxidants and vitamins.

Weekly Carbohydrate Charging

This brings us all to the weekly phase of carb filling and usually the “funniest” part. Now you can eat huge amounts rich in carbohydrates such as cereals, pastries, rice cakes, sweets, pastries and the like.

Since you will hardly eat fat during the filling phase, there is little chance that the ingested carbohydrates will be stored as fat deposits, as most will be focused on replenishing glycogen stores in the muscles

Most people start charging on Friday night and end on Saturday before bed. This method is the most convenient because you do not usually work during this period and you can relax and enjoy. If you are not overly worried about losing weight and use the keto diet only to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, then you can eat all foods rich in carbohydrates, but if you are worried about gaining weight, then it takes a little calculation.

Try to maintain a protein intake of 2.2g per kilogram of body weight, and a carbohydrate intake of 10-12g for each kilogram of body weight. Start consuming these carbohydrates (the first part in the liquid state) immediately after the last workout on Friday night, when your body is ready and ready to absorb them and when it will be most useful to you.

It is important to note that although you should not consume fat, a smaller amount is still allowed, especially since it is almost impossible to consume certain foods without their intake (eg pizza), but keep in mind that the amount of fat does not exceed one gram per kilograms of body weight.

Another note is that many like to consume some fruit with protein before the last workout on Friday night, as the fruit will help replenish glycogen in the liver and provide extra energy for a strenuous workout. In addition, replenishing glycogen in the liver will help your body get into a better anabolic state.

Advantages and disadvantages

When everything is taken into account, it can be said that the keto diet is very good for most people, at least when it comes to losing weight. Of course, some people will feel the negative consequences while in ketosis, but most people have problems in the first two weeks of the diet when it is most difficult to hold, after which the body adapts and holding the child becomes much easier. Moreover, one of the main benefits of ketosis is a decrease in appetite, which is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight.

The only ones who will feel the lack and lack of this diet and diet are people who are extremely active or whose training includes a lot of sprints or similar explosive exercises. Although a few will feel good, and even have more energy on a diet high in fat and moderate in protein, most of the time carbohydrates are still the best source of energy for high-intensity activities. But this is not a big problem either, it simply means that instead of CKD (cyclic keto diet) you will keep TKD (targeted keto diet).


In the end, we can say that the keto diet is a great choice for both weight loss and overall health. When it comes to weight loss, this diet deserves a rating of 4 out of 5. However, to build muscle mass, the rating is much lower, because you will not have enough insulin to bring your body to an anabolic state, so we give it a rating of 2 out of 5 (TKD could get a higher grade).



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