Top 5 prednosti MACA praha

And if MACA itself does not have any hormones, most of the benefits it provides to the human body are in repairing and balancing hormones and mental health. Here are the benefits that MACA can give you, whether you are a man or a woman.

1. Testosterone levels and fertility in men.

Mature men who have problems with sexual power, impotence and difficulty ejaculating, consuming MACA powder achieve good results, while MACA is safe to use unlike viagra. It also acts as an anti-infertility agent, increases sperm production and motility and increases testosterone levels resulting in an increase in lean muscle mass.

2. PMS, menopause and women with polycystic ovary syndrome

MACA root is well known in hormone balance which greatly helps with PMS and menopausal symptoms. In women with polycystic ovary syndrome, MACA helps control estrogen levels in the body.

High or low estrogen levels can make it harder for women to ovulate or if they want to get pregnant. Therefore, balancing the amount of estrogen produced by women and related progesterone is very important to increase reproductive health, fertility and reduce PCOS-related symptoms - such as irregular menstrual cycles, excess hair growth and more.

3. Female hormones, fertility and sexual health

Studies conducted in 2008 showed that MACA has positive effects on increasing menopausal mood and reducing levels of anxiety and depression. Also the same research proved that an increase in mood resulted in an increase in libido. Separate studies done in 2008 by the CNS showed that MACA has the ability to increase sexual libido in women, which is due to the positive effect on the level of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

MACA is believed to affect hormonal balance in women, having a positive effect on the endocrine system and helping to balance and secrete the adrenal glands and thyroid hormones in a balanced and healthy way.

The adrenal glands and thyroid gland play a major role in regulating many feelings - everything from stress levels to appetite levels. Normal and healthy function of these glands is essential for all women who want to be at their peak.

Men in adulthood who have problems with sexual power, impotence and difficulty ejaculating, consuming cats achieve good results, with the cat being safe to use unlike Viagra. It also acts as an anti-infertility agent, increases sperm production and motility. t0> ​​

4. Energy, memory and mood

People who use MACA powder have reported an increase in energy, feelings of wakefulness and focus very quickly after starting use. A positive feature of MACA powder to increase energy in contrast to caffeine is that MACA does not give a feeling of nervousness and trepidation as with a high dose of caffeine. Clinical studies have proven that MACA has a positive effect on energy levels, endurance and mood. Maintaining a positive energy level is related to the fact that MACA reduces the level of anxiety and stress.

How MACA helps increase energy levels is still unknown but is believed to be related to the fact that MACA helps regulate blood sugar levels, secreting adrenal glands that affect energy levels and mood during the day.

MACA benefits also include regulation of the hypothalamus, helping the pituitary gland to function properly, which is another key element in balancing focus and energy. Increasing focus, energy and mood allows people to concentrate better and therefore improve their memory and ability to complete tasks.

5. Antioxidant booster

MACA is a natural antioxidant that increases natural levels of glutathione and SOD.They are the main "fighters" against diseases in the body The results of recent research have shown that MACA root has the ability to help the body prevent the development of chronic diseases caused by high bad cholesterol, high antioxidant status and impaired glucose tolerance. Because MACA increases glutathione levels in the body, it not only means boosting the immune system, but also helps balance the body's cholesterol.


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