The creator of the Muscle Freak brand is Acro d.o.o., a company specializing in the import of sports nutrition supplements. We are exclusive importers for many world-famous brands and from 2018, we also produce our own line of supplements, top quality.

We started the business of importing and distributing sports nutrition supplements in January 2011. At that time, there were various companies operating on the market, which offered brands and products originating mostly from Eastern European countries, of questionable quality but with high margins… a formula that many were obviously guided by.

When we entered the BH scene, the focus of our business was QUALITY AND QUALITY ONLY! We chose the world's most famous brands, Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Muscletech, Nutrex, Cellucor, later Prosupps and many others uti these brands were world famous, thousands of studies and analyzes have already been done on their products, and we have bought their products for years personal consumption, through various American websites. We were convinced of the quality of the mentioned brands long before we started working with them, the goal was to establish a direct connection with the best to offer our market the best, because it was difficult to watch our athletes who had no choice and it was difficult for us. inability to find quality protein, creatine, amino acids, good preworkout, multivitamins and other products.

We did it! After some time of hard work, commitment, private acquaintances, we managed to make contact with several of the world's biggest names and get the exclusive right to import the world's most famous names for our country.

In a short time, in addition to a small store of 20m2, we started with wholesale supplements and other protein shops, markets, gyms, etc. in BiH and we have invested and developed our business for years. We soon opened other stores in exclusive locations, and in a short time our work was recognized by many others who asked us for cooperation in the form of a franchise, which shows that the quality of business was recognized by many others.

After we expanded into the BiH market, we soon started doing business in the market of the former Yugoslavia. We have established contacts with many partners throughout the Balkans and in February 2017 we registered the company Muscle Freak d.o.o. Belgrade in Serbia, where we still operate today.


At the beginning of 2018, we realized a long-standing idea and dream of our own product line. We started producing Muscle Freak supplements.

Before that, for many years we researched many companies that do this type of service and they followed one another, many meetings, travel, research but also many flaws… as soon as they noticed that something was wrong, we would continue to search further . In this way, many were dropped, until we found the best company that could meet all our requirements. Top quality supplements, great cleanliness, precision in work, responsibility, trust and, most importantly, decent prices. We found the Swedish company "Self Omninutrition".

It is common knowledge for Swedish laboratories that they pass the strictest controls and that Swedes have the most organized system. A very important factor in everything is the trust we have built in this company and the people who run it.

Self Omninutrition is the fastest growing Scandinavian and European company dealing with this type of business. When we started production, we were based on basic products, protein, creatine, glutamine, preworkout, BCAA, gainer… then we could choose different formulas for protein, BCAA, gainer, preworkout, etc. In the beginning, we chose all the best.At all costs, we wanted to preserve the reputation of the best, the highest quality, to preserve the trust of our friends and athletes. For protein, we chose pure whey isolate without any impurities and marketing tricks on nutrition charts used by many companies.

When we made the formula for preworkout , the biologist from Self said only a short "wow". This is a top combination but it will cost. We weren’t interested in being able to get a much cheaper preworkout with a weaker formula. We requested that the preworkout be done according to our formula, which contained clinically proven amounts of the substances needed for the preworkout to do its job. 6g citrulline, 4g beta alanine, 2.5g betaine, 2g creatine nitrate, 1g tri-calcium phosphate, 700mg n-acetyl-tyrosine, 350mg vitamin C, 300mg caffeine and finally 300mg teacrine to boost caffeine and prevent crashes after training, as of many other preworkouts we have. We named him "POWER REACTOR" ! The name that justifies this product. You will hardly find such a good preworkout on the market, we guarantee. Those who use it know it very well!

Of course, other supplements from our line were chosen meticulously and with great care. Our formulas are unique, supplements are pure without marketing and other tricks. We did not cheat on the quantities like others. When it comes to quantities in packages, for example for proteins, we do not use tricks to package smaller quantities as many do. When it comes to the amount of packaging, we are strictly precise and accurate. The small package of our "MUSCLE FREAK ISOLATE WHEY PROTEIN" is 1kg, medium 2.5kg, large 5kg. We are not like others to pack 800 or 900 grams in a small package, 1.8, 2 or 2.2 kg in a medium package and a large package that many brands pack in 4 or 4.5 kg. When it comes to quality, our protein is pure whey isolate protein. The highest quality protein on the market. No added sugars or other impurities to get on quantity and save on cost. There are no tricks, Many other brands that use tricks point out on the box in capital letters ISOLATE that you think it is a whey isolate, but when you read the small letters, you see that it is an isolate of soy, peas or similar. Or if it is a mixture of proteins (blends), they use cheap concentrates, caseinates and the like. Our opinion is, if you want a good blend, make it yourself when you want to consume it. Take especially whey isolate, quality micellar casein and, if necessary, egg protein. Don't let anyone lie or steal from you.

The rule we follow is that we will never order or sell any item that is in any way unsafe for consumption and that we would not consume ourselves or that we would not give to our loved ones. We carefully select items, store them properly in our own warehouse, which is built to the highest standards, and distribute them properly in our own vans and caddy vehicles.

Our mission is to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle, and to educate our fellow citizens how important nutrition, exercise and active living are in life. Our athletes are also our biggest task, to be constantly able to respond to even the most demanding requests. We always try to offer the best, the highest quality, what is required and import only those products that "do their job". We don't care otherwise!

Acro doo - Hasana Merdžanovića bb - 71320 Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina - T: +387 33 571 300 F: +387 33 571 301 - E: marketing @ musclefreak .ba

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