Refund policy

Return of shipment

The return period is 14 days after you receive it from us via courier or our courier.

Conditions for returning the shipment

Fiscal Account

In order for our request for return to be accepted, you are obliged to keep the fiscal invoice that came with the shipment and it must be scanned or photographed and sent by email and the original sent by mail together with the shipment you want to return. Without a fiscal invoice, we cannot accept your request because by law we cannot cancel an issued invoice if we do not have one.

Original packaging

The products you want to return to us must be in the original packaging in undamaged packaging. If you have already used or unpacked the products you want to return, we cannot accept the return of the shipment.
If you have not used them and we agree to return the shipment by email or phone, please carefully pack the package you want to return in the package in which it was packed, so that the items are not damaged by transport and so that we can accept your return .

Complaints about a defective product are accepted if it is proven that the product you received is defective.

To accept a refund request, you must contact us in advance. Find the contact in our contact form here.