Lohilo Pink leggings - Fitness Motivation

Size: Medium (M)
Sale price69,00 KM


  • Stretch-free stretch material
  • Functional belt that visually narrows the waist
  • Material and cut that supports muscles and lifts the buttocks

High waist, just what every woman loves + ribbed belt that will bring your line to PERFECTION.

This collection is called "Fitness Motivation" because you will not be able to stop wearing it. , and will motivate you to exercise. Training will become your daily excuse to wear these leggings. You can also wear them in shopping, walking around the city and whenever you want to get a compliment at the expense of your fit line.

- 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex
- High waist
- Lohilo logo on the side

Sparite Lohilo sports bra in the same color for the perfect combination

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