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Muscle Freak Arm Blaster is an advanced version and adaptation of a bodybuilding classic. This simple device is something you must have in your arsenal, especially if you want massive and strong hands. It is designed so that you simply wear it around your neck when doing biceps exercises. In this way, you will ensure that your arms are close to your body during the entire movement, and thus you perform the entire exercise completely correctly and isolate the biceps. Better muscle isolation means both greater effort and stress for the muscle, and this in turn means greater potential for muscle growth.

This type of equipment first appeared on the scene in the 70's and quickly became one of the reliable tools among all competitors in the world of bodybuilding, as well as among other weightlifters and athletes who have practiced strength training. Arm Blaster was an innovative way to prevent your arms from spreading, especially at higher loads, and thus concentrate all your weight exclusively on the biceps.

Key features:

  • Ergonomically designed plate that insulates the arms and shoulders while keeping the back and elbows locked in a biceps exercise position
  • Fully adjustable collar
  • Improves biceps exercises
  • Universal size that suits everyone
  • Designed to follow body shape

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