Muscletech Amino Build Performance 40 doses

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  • 7G BCAA

Loaded with building blocks to support a speedy recovery. Given that BCAAs are the basis of the composition, it will speed up the recovery period after training.


A study conducted at a leading international university has shown that it helps to increase strength by 40% in exercises performed with the 5-rep max system.

  • 2.5G BETAINA

It is found in beets and spinach and is also naturally produced in our body. Helps build muscle mass and strength.


An essential amino acid that is naturally produced in our body, increases muscle endurance.

Why choose Amino Build?

Precisely dosed with BCAA amino acids and electrolytes . Clinically dosed formula to build muscle and increase performance and recovery after strenuous training.

Builds more muscle mass for more strength . In a clinical study, subjects who used a dose of betaine (2.5 g) found in Amino Build built 1.75kg of lean muscle mass compared to the placebo group that built 0.33kg.

Formulated to increase strength . Amino Build contains 4g of leucine. The same amount of leucine was used in a study conducted at an international university, as a means to increase strength by up to 40% in exercises performed up to 5 repetitions. (5-rep max)

Better muscular endurance . 1g of taurine in one serving of Amino Build has been shown to increase muscle endurance in athletes.

How to use:
Mix 1 scoop with 300ml of water. Consume 30 minutes before training or during training as an Intra-workout.

May contain coconut in its composition. Produced in an environment that produces soy, eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, shellfish, nuts and wheat.

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