Self Omninutrition BCAA 8: 1: 1 250g

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Taste: Muscle Cola
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  • Contributes to muscle growth

  • Accelerates muscle recovery

  • Increases energy in muscles

  • Improves protein absorption

  • Reduces muscle fatigue

This product contains a branched chain amino acid BCAA with leucine in a ratio of 8: 1: 1. These amino acids are key to building and maintaining muscle mass.

BCAAs make up a third of muscle protein and are made up of three essential amino acids - leucine, isoleucine and valine. This is very important because our body is unable to produce them, and therefore we need to ingest them through food and supplements. Of these three amino acids, leucine is of the greatest importance in protein synthesis, while isoleucine improves glucose absorption in cells. Valine contributes the most to the recovery of muscles, tissues and nitrogen balance. This is a very interesting product for all athletes and recreationists, because BCAA passes through the liver and goes directly into the blood, which allows direct absorption into the muscles.

BCAA supplementation can also reduce lactic acid levels in muscles after strenuous training - it reduces fatigue, helps better absorption of other amino acids. BCAAs also help the body absorb protein and a lack of one of these amino acids will cause loss of muscle mass. Cortisol (a stress hormone) level decreases when BCAAs are ingested immediately after training, and high levels of cortisol in the muscles lead to loss of muscle mass.

BCAA contains anabolic and anticatabolic properties due to its ability to increase protein synthesis, help relax hormones such as growth hormone and insulin, and contains a healthy testosterone to cortisol ratio. BCAAs prevent protein breakdown and muscle loss, especially during periods when calorie intake is very low.

Some research has shown that leucine also has an effect on the most important enzymes that improve muscle growth. That is why this product contains 8.5g of leucine per serving.

Usage: Consume one scoop (16g) with 300-500ml of water before, during or after training.

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