Self Omninutrition Carnitine

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Supports healthy mental performance and function, helps transport fatty acids to the mitochondria of cells to be used as fuel for energy.

Key benefits

  • Limits fat and blood fat accumulation
  • Reduces lactic acid levels
  • Helps the body eliminate toxins
Carnitine plays a key role at the cellular level because it transports fatty acids to the mitochondria (the cellular structure responsible for energy production in the body). Carnitine is therefore crucial for the oxidation of fatty acids, and thus the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and energy in the body. Regular consumption of carnitine increases the defense of the immune system and significantly helps the circulatory system, primarily the heart.

Studies have shown that carnitine consumption significantly increases strength and efficiency in people with cardiovascular disease.

Usage: Take 2 tablets twice a day, preferably 20 minutes before a meal.

Packing: 120 tablets

You can see the complete table of nutritional values ​​ HERE

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