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Product description:
  • Anabolic compound to increase natural testosterone levels
  • Gives maximum hypertrophy with Arachidonic acid, an omega 6 fatty acid created to increase inflammation of muscle fibers during exercise
  • Breaks the muscle-sized plateau
Animal Test is a powerful and legal hypertrophic pro-testosterone supplement that combines strong compounds with proven ingredients in its core. Animal Test is a complete formula for increasing and better testosterone absorption in men.
Animal Test in its formula contains divanyl or tetrahydrofuran which is extracted from the grill. In proven doses, it enables increased activation of free testosterone, which stimulates an increase in muscle strength and size, improves focus, recovery and gives better performance during training.
It also contains the anabolic ketosterone Cissus quadrangularis (perennial grape plant). This ingredient promotes anabolism, speeds up recovery and prevents the production of catabolic stress hormones. In addition to building muscle strength, this plant is also known as an excellent antioxidant, improves the health of joints and ligaments. The pro-androgenic complex Animal Test, facilitates the growth of testosterone with effective anti-estrogenic ingredients capable of increasing natural anabolic responses. The first of these is the ultra antioxidant, Trans-Resveratrol, which acts as a "shield". This compound binds to estrogen receptors and blocks circulating estrogen hormones by inhibiting unwanted estrogen from reaching hormone receptors.
In addition, the Animal Test contains Hesperetin and Agaricus Bisporus polysaccharides. All ingredients aim to block estrogen and increase testosterone levels and ensure maximum efficiency and absorption of all ingredients.
The last and most powerful ingredient in this formula is Arachidonic Acid. An essential fatty acid that is at the very core of the physiological response after heavy-duty training. This acid has the ability to increase the sensitivity of androgen receptors and increase training-related muscle inflammation and in turn increase hypertrophy.
Animal Test is the most powerful supplement from the Animal line. Redefines the possibility of supplements for bodybuilders who target androgenic testosterone secretion and hypertrophy in different ways.
Instructions for use:
  • One measure a day
  • 21 scoops per pack
  • Two cycles (42 days) can be used
Use the animal test on training days with the last meal before training. On days without training, use it with any meal. Animal Test you can use two cycles in a row. After that, take a break for 4 weeks

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