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Cellucor C4 Ultimate has been perfecting pre-workouts for many years, long before some other brands in the sports supplement industry. For almost a decade, the C4® brand has been the first in the category of pre-workouts with performance and explosive energy, best flavors, clinically studied ingredients and superior formulas.

It is a brand obsessed with research, improvement formula and results. Innovators are also leaders. They are known for creating the best pre-workouts on the market precisely because they were aimed only at that goal. All this obsession, effort and work are united through C4® Ultimate Project Clear Evolution. Ultimate provides the energy you can feel, a powerful pump, muscle endurance, extreme focus and top performance.

Since its launch in 2016, C4® Ultimate has defined what it means to be the best pre-workout in the industry, delivering unmatched energy, focus, pump and performance. In order to maintain quality, the best do not rest but develop and improve. This is the evolution of C4® Ultimate.

The new generation of Ultimate provides improved training benefits at all levels, adds new ingredients for even greater pump and power, and joins the "Project Clear Evolution" product line.

Each product belonging to the "Project Clear Evolution" line is based on three basic pillars:

1. Cleanliness: No artificial colors and no artificial flavors
2. Transparency: Completely transparent and true declarations
3. Development: Innovative ingredients and improved formulas.

As a result of clean, transparent and developed pre-workout production, C4® Ultimate does not contain artificial flavors and colors, produced with a transparent formula and upgraded with top performance ingredients such as NitraMax (NO3-C) ™ Citrulline Nitrate and double dose nitrate which increase pump.

Created by combining citrulline with patented nitrates, NitraMax (NO3-C) is an advanced compound that supports the dual mechanism of nitric oxide (NO). Unlike citrulline or citrulline malate, which act through a single mechanism, NitraMax ™ supports two mechanisms of NO formation - the arginine pathway (eNOS) and the nitrate to nitrite conversion system to obtain a superior pump.


CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS (300 mg per dose )
Caffeine is a scientifically researched stimulant that has many benefits - it provides energy, better performance and has a thermogenic effect. The amount of caffeine in C4® Ultimate has been clinically shown to help increase strength and increase aerobic training capacity.

THEACRINE (62.5 mg per dose as TEACRINE® 40%)
TeaCrine® is a patented and clinically researched new ingredient that helps prolong energy performance. Studies also suggest that the body does not adapt to TeaCrine as quickly as caffeine, prolonging the increase in tolerance.

RAUWOLFIA VOMITORIA (1 mg per dose )
Don't let a seemingly small dose weld. A powerful stimulant, Rauwolfia provides incredible energy when combined with caffeine. Tie up.

CARNOSYN® BETA-ALANINE (3.2 g per dose )
Each dose C4 Ultimate provides 3.2 grams of patented CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine for muscle endurance and anti-fatigue. (Note: Beta-Alanine can sometimes cause harmless tingling in the body. Take this as a sign that it's time to get moving and take the iron in your hands.)

Creatine HCL (1 g per dose as patented CON-CRET®) Creatine hydrochloride is a patented, clinically researched form of creatine with high absorption power Creatine enables ATP production, greater muscle mass and strength.

CREATINE NITRATE (1 g per dose )
A scientifically researched form of creatine that is formed by the binding of creatine to nitrate anions. If we look at them individually, both creatine and nitrate are elements to improve performance. Combined, they create an unstoppable bond to provide power, explosiveness and pump.


  • L-Citrulline (4 g per dose )
    Pure L-Citrulline signals the body to increase the production of Arginine, which is it then converts to nitric oxide to power your pump. This dose of is approximately equivalent to 8 grams of Citrulline Malate.

  • Citrulline Malate (1 g per dose )

A precursor to the production of Arginine and Nitric Oxide, Citrulline Malate further encourages the increase of new Nitric Oxide.

  • Citrulline Nitrate (1 g per dose as NitraMax (NO3-C) ™)
    Our exclusive dual nitric oxide booster is formulated with patented nitrates to support nitric oxide through two different mechanisms. Take all the Citrulline listed in this blend, boost it with extra nitrates and you will get the Ultimate Boost Pump.

TAURINE (1 g per dose )
Helps mental focus in combination with caffeine.

N-ACETYL-L-TYROSINE (400 mg per dose )
A more soluble form of L-Tyrosine, NALT plays a role in support of mental and cognitive health during stressful activities such as physical training.

ALPHASIZE A-GPC (200 mg per dose )
Patented and clinically researched form of choline, AlphaSize® can provide greater focus , which can contribute to the connection of mind and muscles in the gym.

HUPERZINE A (50 μg per dose)
Huperzin A is a nootropic ingredient that improves memory, learning and concentration.

No matter the size of the scale or how revolutionary a product looks, a great pre-workout starts with best-in-class ingredients used in effective doses. As the ingredients are not produced in the same way, patented ingredients are important for several reasons, especially because they are supported by quality manufacturers who rigorously test and research their products for efficiency and safety.

Patented ingredients are the best in their categories or are so unusual that they are complete creators of special categories. It is proud to say that C4® Ultimate contains six patented ingredients from leading manufacturers of the highest caliber ingredients.

C4® Ultimate is a call to action. It is a challenge, because it invites you to break records, make the best training and use your maximum in every training session. The question is: Do you accept this challenge? Are you the ultimate ? Prove it. Try C4® Ultimate today. Your best training is waiting for you.


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